lady calls out her senior for bullying her back in secondary school


lady calls out her senior for bullying her back in secondary school


A lady finally calls out her fellow student back then in school who happens to be her senior back then in school for bullying her ,

Here is what she wrote about the issue of bullying;

While we talk about Dowen college and justice for silverster, I won’t be fast to forget my experience with snr Ruby Anya Emelike she made life miserable for me .
It started with my Aunt who introduced her to me and asked her to help me keep my provision for safety
I noticed a constant decrease in my provision so, I requested she give me back my provision
She refused and i reported her to my school guardian…Boom 🔥 I became her enemy
She told her classmates who started calling me REPORTER 😕 They started sending me on numerous errands just to make sure I’m late to school (I will still receive more floggings for coming late )
Then her close pal snr Kelechi uma_david will take it upon herself to instruct I dress her bed few minutes to bell time 😕and I will cut grass once I’m seen at the hostel . At worst cases she gives me incomplete money to buy something and bring balance . I cant even report the snr kelechi Uma-David, she is related to the principal.
I don’t even have a direct case with this snr kelechi, just that snr ruby is her friend she extended the hatred and instigating others to hate me .
Back to Ruby anya, she requested I use my money to buy fork and bring to the refectory for her.
Bringing the fork wasn’t the issue but, I’m to bring it when she shouts “Fork” then I respond “HERE I AM, USE ME”
I couldn’t keep up to the responses she made me climb stage and dance with food bowl.

I won’t be fast to forget she made me use Spirogyra on my lips cause she felt I used lipstick on my lips
(If you know me, you know I have red lips)
Snr kelechi even seized my eye glasses even knowing that was my aide to sight🥲
I was so sick and I later changed school
I have forgiven but yet to forget

We move shaaaa ❤️

Here is the post;


Source :.  ORJI NNENA HENRY Facebook page

This act of bullying is really getting out of hands in Nigeria schools because students now go through bullying like it’s a normal life

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