Breaking News: Ojukwu’wife slaps Obiano’s wife || Video

Ojukwu’s wife slao’s Obiano’s wife || Video

According to an eye witness, Obiano’s wife was greeting people when she got to see Ojukwu’s wife , she asked her why she came to an APGA event after insu!ting the party on social media, Iyom (bianca) stood up and s!apped her dragg!ng her wig off her head

Breaking News: Ojukwu'wife slaps Obiano’s wife || Video

NAN reports that dignitaries including Ex-Gov Obiano were already seated when Mrs Obiano stepped in and moved to the front row where the widow of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu was seated and slapped her.

Ojukwu's wife slao's Obiano’s wife || Video

The action drew the attention of security agents and some personalities who pulled Mrs Obiano off the hold of Bianca who was visibly shocked at the action.
afterwards, her husband left the venue since the incident happened after the new governor had been sworn in.
Source Vanguard News

Here is video from the event;




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