Twitter user calls out Peruzzi to refund his money

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi, is a Nigerian singer, song writer and performing artiste. He has recently been called out by a Twitter user with the username @CharliePumpin for refusal to return his money that was used to book him for a show that he did not show up on December at Enugu State, his excuse was that he had flu.

Twitter user to Peruzzi


The 30BG member, however, was spotted at Cubana‘s club the next day and has since refused to refund the payment made to him.

Here is what the Twitter user had to say to Peruzzi

“Dear @Peruzzi we paid you for a show at Ikpamodo 29th Dec in Enugu Ezike, Enugu state. You no turn up & U never return our money. You said you had flu that’s why, but 30th you were at Cubana Enugu. Biko Return Our Money In Peace Thank You Some of this Nigeria musicians go just dey act anyhow! Person pay hotels and prepare logistics.. Only to come up with I had flu, but you sabi come Cubana com faji . Oya pay back the money naa?” the user wrote.


Here is the post ;


Twitter user to Peruzzi



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